Our history


Our history

Meet Jonathan & Iryna

The story begins in the same way, after a vacation in Lisbon in May 2019, I began a professional retraining in the marketing of wines and champagnes at the school of Avize in Champagne, following on from years of passion and knowledge in the field of champagne. We had met Annie and Jean Luc during our vacation and our desire to come and live in Portugal was always in the corner of our heads.

In August 2020, we took our car, our stuff and our dog and here we are in Lisbon to take up the torch of this beautiful story.

My knowledge of Champagne producers, and my passion for wine allow me to carefully choose our suppliers. We want to offer quality products, produced in small quantities, produced from independent winegrowers.
Always with the desire to share the terroir of our products with you!

Come see us and chat in a friendly and sharing shop at any time of the day! We also offer events, whether workshops or wine sharing.

It is an ambitious project that brings together Champagne, Wines & Events.

After a holiday in Portugal, the idea was born in the head of Annie and Jean-Luc to create a French wine cellar in Lisbon. The beauty of the country and the kindness of the Portuguese gave birth to the project of this concept of sharing.
Introduce the Portuguese to French flavors and terroir. But above all, to market Champagnes in Lisbon, as well as exceptional wines.

Portugal and France are two countries with a well-developed palace culture, and the idea is germinating in their minds to set up a wine and champagne shop in Lisbon.
After a few years of creating the project, La Pétillante took shape and became a must-see store in Lisbon. Thus, in this Portuguese capital, you can now buy wine, or French champagne!

The story starts with ...


Jean Luc

Come and discover the store

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